Livestock Development

    Castration Of Scrub Bulls

    Breed Improvement Through Artificial  Insemination

    Animal Health Care Camps

    Promotion Of Cultivated Fodder

    Demonstration Of Urea Molasses

    Distribution Of Manger To Promote Stall Feeding

    Distribution Of Chaff Cutter

Other Income Generation Avtivities

The objective of this activity is to improve the economic condition of small, marginal farmers and landless and to supplement their income, by establishing different kind of household industries as per local need and availability of raw-material. Self help groups are organised and training improved tool kits of local trades, revolving fund are provided to these people from the project fund. Effort for market linkages are also made. This system provides self employment to the needy and ensures productive utilization of raw material available in the area. Type of small scale industries are as under-


    Bee keeping


    Mushroom cultivation

    Rope Weaving


    Black smithy

    Oil extraction

    Earthen pot making

    Basket making

    Handi craft