Status Note of SWRPD & ID&R
The State Partnership Programme (SPP) with European Union is an effort to support policy based water sector reforms. The programme is being funded by a grant of 80 Million Euro (Rs. 450 Cr. approx) by the European Union (€ 73.5 mn for the Government of Rajasthan and Remaining € 6.5 mn for Technical Assistance, Monitoring/Evaluation and Audits). An Agreement for EU- SPP was signed on 14.8.2006. The agreement with EU is upto 31.12.2017.


Till now the European Union has released 61.675 Million Euro (Rs. 418.55 Cr.) in various installments and against that, total expenditure up to 28.02.2017 is Rs 363.70 Crore.

Objectives of EU SPP:
1. State wide water sector reforms leading to sustainable and integrated water resources management

2. In selected Areas of Rajasthan, Panchyati Raj Institutions ( PRIs) are executing their responsibilities and achieving:

a. Equitable access to safe, adequate, affordable, and sustainable water supply

b. Conservation, stabilization and replenishment of surface and ground water

The SPP programme has six broad components, 3 are State wide and 3 are for 11 selected pilot districts (Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu, Bikaner, Nagaur ,Jodhpur, Pali, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jalore & Rajsamand) in 82 Blocks and 3182 GPs.

A- Support to State wide Water Sector Reform
(i) Support to SWRPD

(ii) Sustainable Water Campaign

(iii) Institutional Development of Water Related Departments

B- Support to PRI’s/ User Groups in selected Districts and Blocks
(i) Institutional Development of PRI’s/ User Groups

(ii) Capacity Building of PRI’s/ User Groups

(iii) Investment Component

Line Departments:
The EU-SPP is being implemented jointly by six line departments:
I. State Water Resources Planning Department (SWRPD)

II. Water Resources Department (WRD)

III. Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)

IV. Ground Water Department (GWD)

V. Panchyati Raj & Rural Development Department (PR&RD)

VI. Watershed Development and Soil Conservation (WD&SC)


Glimpses of key Activities implemented by various line departments under EU-SPP:
I. State Water Resources Planning Department (SWRPD)

• Formulation of State Water Policy 2010

• Effective Implementation of State Water Policy in the state and technical support to all water line department

• Baseline study of water sector

• Study on Planning of Water Resources of Rajasthan State

• Establishment of Water Regulatory Authority in the State

• Preparation of comprehensive Water laws for Rajasthan state

• Preparation of water centric action plan through WAPCOS

• Implementation and sensitization programs for water resources management & conservation through Multi Media campaign at state level

• Organisation of Information Education Communication (IEC) campaign for awareness generation for water resources management & conservation

• Restructuring of SWRPD is in process

• To strengthen the water management at all level, Integrated Water Resources Management planning approach are being Implemented and following key achievements are made till date:

(i) Preparation and implementation of Gram Panchayat based Integrated Water Resources Management Plan (IWRM) of 82 Blocks in 3182 Gram Panchayat of 11 selected project Districts with the facilitation of 26 selected NGOs. The detail of pilot districts/block/GPs are as follows:


No. Name of District No. of Blocks covered No. of GPs covered No. of Villages covered

1 Barmer 08 380 1941

2 Jaisalmer 03 128 637

3 Jalore 07 264 706

4 Bikaner 05 219 778

5 Sikar 08 329 992

6 Jhunjhunu 08 288 859

7 Churu 06 249 979

8 Nagaur 11 461 1500

9 Jodhpur 09 339 1063

10 Pali 10 320 949

11 Rajsamand 7 205 987

Total 82 3182 11391


(ii) 3182 GP- Village Water Health & Sanitation Committees have been formed

(iii) 79550 members of these committees have been trained on IWRM approach and involved in community based water management planning

(iv) First round of IWRM planning cycle have been completed and IWRM plans are being implemented and are near to completion

(v) 22 District level and 164 block level workshops to sensitize PRIs and other stakeholders have been organised for effective implementation of IWRM activities in the field

(vi) Existing available Funds of line department are made available for these IWRM plans on convergence approach

(vii) Local rules for water management & conservation by the community was developed and introduced in all 3182 pilot GPs

• Implementation of IEC Campaign for mass awareness on water management & conservation issues:

I. IEC campaign was organised in 25 districts of 5 division i.e Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur with the facilitation of 5 selected NGOs

II. Total 1025 pilot GPs covered under the campaign

III. For awareness generation 1025 Nukkad Natak, wall paintings and focus group discussions were conducted

IV. IEC material was also developed and displayed for awareness generation

II. Water Resources Department (WRD)

• Capacity Development program for officers of WRD

• Benchmarking of small, medium and large irrigation schemes and preparation of proposals for improvement

• Preparation and implementation of Environment Protection and Improvement Plans

• Study on reduction of evaporation in storage tanks

• Formation, strengthening and infrastructure development of Water user Associations

• Repair and installation of river gauges at major and medium irrigation projects

• Installation of rain gauges at gram panchayat level in 11 selected districts

• Feasibility studies and preparation of DPRs for large scale inter basin water transfer from surplus regions to deficit regions within the State


III. Ground Water Department (GWD)


• Design and development of personnel management and human resource development manuals

• Procurement of Drilling Rigs Units for groundwater exploration

• Capacity development of Ground Water Department (GWD)

• Implementation of new mandate of GWD

• Study on aquifer-wise groundwater assessment using modelling techniques

• Support GIS mapping of groundwater aquifers, water quality and water logging

• Construction of piezometers and atomization works

• Conduct Hydrological survey and digitization works

• Pilot study for groundwater aquifer recharge through abandoned mines


IV. Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)

• Benchmarking of Rural and Urban water supply schemes

• Study on power saving

• Innovative projects for rural and urban water supply

• Strengthening of laboratory works and computerisation

• Setting up and O&M of Public Grievances Redressal Call Centre

V. Panchyati Raj and Rural Development Department (PRRD)


• Capacity Development Programs

• Exposure visits for PRIs to learn National/International experiences of good water management practices

• Establishment of Water Resources Centre at block level

• Preparation & Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management Plans (IWRM

• Organising workshops and training programmes for District and block level for Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs)


VI. Watershed Development and Soil Conservation Department


• Establishment of Geographical Information System Lab ( GIS Lab)

• Uploading of all watershed structures on GIS supported web portal


Key Achievements under EU-SPP:
• State Water Policy-2010 enacted in the State.

• Aquifer Mapping Study for assessment of village wise Ground Water Potential and Strategy for Development. The Study has been recognized at national level and has been selected under the category of best initiatives taken in Water Management sector for “India Geospatial Excellence Award” by Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad.

• Enactment of Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) in the State.

• Sustainable Water Campaign implemented and Mass scale public awareness programmes through print and electronic media and through NGOs launched in the State.

• The IWRM Plans prepared under EU SPP have been widely appreciated at national level. These plans are being utilized in the new programs launched by the Central and State Governments.

• The success of IWRM was presented at the National Level consultation meeting at New Delhi under PMKSY of the Central Government and was widely applauded.

• Based on the IWRM success under EU SPP, IWRM is scaled up for all districts under CM Water Conservation Mission

• Constitution of Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Authority in the State.

• IEC activities like Jal Abhiyan, Jal Chetna Yatra and Jal Mela organised.

• Exposure visits organised for officials, NGOs, PRI personnel and public representatives by IGPRS

• Equipping piezometers with digital water level recorders, one in each district implemented for the first time.

• Tahal Study on Updation and upgradation of basin-level water resources data completed. Based on this Report, proposals for harnessing water resources prepared.

• 14 schemes of inter basin transfer & interlinking of rivers to accelerate the augmentation of water for drinking purpose and efficiency improvement has been prepared.

• Harmonisation of Water Laws. The State Government has made significant progress towards legal reforms.

• Rajasthan Water Conservation Mission, 2015 and now “Mukhya Mantri Jal Swalamban Yojana” have been launched in the State. It will encompass all the water management & capacity building activities related to water sector reform including preparation of IWRM Plans in all gram panchayats of the State.

• National Level Workshop on "Community Based Water Management in Rajasthan: A Forgotten Glory or Future Hope" conducted.

• Model District Irrigation Plan for Sikar District prepared as a showcase study. Rajasthan is the first State in country which has initiated preparation of such plans and this has been acclaimed by MOWR.

• Benchmarking of Urban Drinking Water Supply has been completed and approved by PHED.

• Benchmarking of Rural drinking water supply has been completed. Proposals are being prepared for improvement in water supply schemes based on the suggestions given in the report of Urban & Rural Bench Marking.

• Water Audit and Benchmarking of 54 Water Resources Projects have been completed. Based on the findings of the Study, number of ERM proposals has been prepared.

• By Aquifer mapping study, work of digitization of all the ground water data preparation of hydrogeological & potential zone maps, ground water quality mapping & village wise estimation of dynamic & static ground water resources has been conducted using GIS format & Softwares.

• National Level workshop on "innovative planning and managing scarce water resources" conducted from 26-28 February, 2017 at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Jodhpur


Status of Progress on present key issues of SWRPD:
S. No Issue of Concern Present Status

1. Water Centric Action Plan by WAPCOS For “Hiring of agency for preparation of Water Centric Action Plan for better water management for different water using departments” work order was issued to M/s WAPCOS Consulting Delhi. WAPCOS has submitted final report. A presentation by WAPCOS was made on 22.02.2016. Observation of TA Team was communicated to WAPCOS and revised report has been received which has been approved by Review Committee.

3. End Line Study 6 nos. Technical Proposals were received on 05.01.016 but no firm found responsive. Again on 30.03.2016, 3 nos. proposals received. Again no firm found responsive. 4 nos. proposals were received in Sept. 16 but again no firm found responsive. Fresh NIT was floated and opened on 09.01.2017. 7 firms have participated in the bid of which Evaluation is in progress.

4 Institutional Road Map NIT was invited and opened on 3rd Feb 2016 but due to single bidder it was decided that NIT will be re-invited. NIT has been framed which will be published after finalization of draft rules of water laws.

5 Water Laws Draft report approved. Comments have been sent to M/s PDCOR to include in Final Report. Workshop was conducted on 18.03.2016. PDCOR has sought some clarifications for which a committee was constituted which have submitted its report. Now a meeting is proposed to be held under the chairmanship of Pr. Secretary, SWRPD on 01.03.2017 to finalise the comments.

6 Restructuring of SWRPD File was discussed with Hon’ble Minister WRD on 16.02.2016 and as per direction changes have been made in the proposal.

14 experts and 1 computer operator are to be hired. Proposal is under submission.

7 Documentation of SPP Experiences, Reports & Records of SPP, creation of website/uploading reports etc. NIT has been floated and opened on 09.02.2017. 3 firms have participated in the bid of which Evaluation is in progress.

8 Watershed & PRRD will finalise the guidelines for use of Investment Component under SPP with MJSA Detailed Guidelines for use of Investment Component under SPP have been finalised. Funds of Rs. 19.73 Cr. Has been transferred to PRRD. Transfer of balance funds to PRRD is in progress.



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