Brief Note on Working of I.D.&R. Unit

Central water commission (CWC) had issued direction for creation of central design organization in every state. Accordingly, Investigation, Design and Research Unit was created in Rajasthan in April, 1992. The main aim of this unit is to scrutinize the project reports of Major & Medium Irrigation projects and forward it to CWC for approval. In addition, designs of dams, canals and related irrigation structures are also vetted/checked in this unit.

At present this unit is headed by Chief Engineer, State Water Resources Planning Department, Jaipur. ID&R unit consist of Dam Directorate and Canal Directorate.

Directorate Canal

This Directorate deals with the design and drawings related to canal structures, modernization of existing canals, scrutiny of project reports/DPR of major and medium irrigation projects for submitting it to CWC for clearance and placement for training of Irrigation Engineers.

This directorate consists of four divisions namely Canal Division, Structure Division, Gates Division and Project Appraisal Division.

The work allocation to these divisions is as under.



Work allocation

Work in hand


Deputy Director (Canal)

Design of Canals and correspondence related to BIS, Trainings, Seminars, Conferences etc. Work of New Integrated water sector portal_Micro website of SWRPD

Design & Drawing under process.

a)      Suraghata feeder (Jaipur Zone)

b)       DPR of Rayki lift scheme of Som Kamla Amba  IP (Udaipur Zone).

c)        Canal portion of Dholpur Lift I.P. (Jaipur Zone)

d)       Less water discharge of Silwani Distributory (Hanumangarh Zone)

e)       Widening of Balinda Ghat, Jhalawar (Kota Zone).

f)        New Integrated water sector portal_Micro website of SWRPD (DoIT).

g)       Trainings at ESTI, IMTI, HCM-RIPA, NWA Pune etc.

h)       Conferences & seminar.


Deputy Director (Structures)

Design of structures related to Canals.

Design & Drawing under process:-

a)      Head regulator on Mewara Canal (Udaipur Zone).


b)       Vetting of 2 Nos. bridge at RD 31765 & 37643 of  IGNP, (Hanumangarh Zone).

c)      Vetting of changes in the structure of Dholpalia Minor (Hanumangarh Zone).

d)       Aqueduct at RD 540 to 690 m of Karawan distributory of Bhimni Minor Irrigation Project (Kota Zone).


Executive Engineer (Gates)

Design of Gates on Canals & Dams.

a)      Design & Drawing of Hoist for Rajgarh M.I.P. Jhalawar (Kota Zone).

b)      Design of Cross Regulator gates with embedded parts at Km. 95.78 of CRMC, CAD(East).


Deputy Director (Project appraisal)

Scrutinize and send the project report/DPR of Major and Medium Irrigation Projects to C.W.C. for clearance.

a)      Dholpur Lift  I.P. (Jaipur Zone).

b)      Lift of Water from GMC to fill Sikari Pati Dam(Jaipur Zone).

c)      DPR of Kalisindh Project, Jhalawar. (Kota Zone).

d)     DPR of Parwan Project, Jhalawar. (Kota Zone).

e)      Manoharthana Medium I.P. Jhalawar. (Kota Zone)




One post of Executive Engineer & TA to Director (Canal) is doing all official works of this Directorate.