Organizational Setup

This Institute is a registered society (under societies registration act, 1958) & was registered in the year 1992. It has two working committees viz.

1.General Body 2.Executive Committee

1.General Body

President : Principal Secretary, WRD, Govt. of Rajasthan

Members : Secretary Finance; Agri. Production Secretary; Secretary CAD& WU; Director HCM–RIPA, ADC CAD-Kota,ADC CAD-IGNP,Bikaner,Agri.Commissioner, Jaipur  C.E. CWC, GOI; Chief Engineer WR Jaipur, Chief Engineer, IGNP Bikaner,  Dean, CTAE, Udaipur; Director, CSWCRTI;  CE, SWRPD Jaipur, Prof. & Head, Civil Engg. MNIT Jaipur, Addl Dir. Ag. Ext. Jaipur ,Four Farmers J.D. (Trg.), IMTI., ACE & Director HWMI, Bikaner

Member Secretary :  Chief Engineer & Director General , IMTI Kota

2.Executive Committee

1.CE Water Resources , Kota Zone, Kota                     Chairman

2.Chief Engineer & Director General, IMTI Kota           Member-Secretary

3. Addl. Chief Engineer & Director ,HWMI Bikaner       Member

4. Financial Advisor ,CAD Kota                                     Member

5. Joint Director ( Trg.) , IMTI Kota                                Member



Mission & Purpose

Looking to the gap in irrigation potential creation and utilization in command areas of various water resources projects in the country vis-a-vis low agriculture production & low water use efficiencies in different projects the Govt. of India MOWR under the Water Resources Management & Training (WR & T) Project established 13 Water & Land Management Training Institutes in the country under the assistance of US AID (United State Agency for International Development) programme. IMTI Kota Centre is one of such projects and established in the year 1984., Government of Rajasthan WR Department (in compliance of the Hon’ble Chief Ministers’ Announcement 11-12) has established a Branch of IMTI, Kota at Bikaner Which has been named as Rajasthan Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (RIHWM).

Establishment & location

In Rajasthan, the Institute (IMTI) was established at Kota in Aug., 1984. An assistance to the institute for training and infrastructure development etc. was given under US AID programme upto Sept., 1992 and thereafter the cost of the institute (O&M) is provided by the Govt. of Rajasthan as grant in aid, through Water Resources Department. The institute became autonomous in Aug., 1992 and was registered as a Society under Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. The institute is having one Governing Body which decides the policy matters. The Governing Body is required to meet at least once in every year.

The institute is located in the heart of Chambal Command Area at Kota city. It is located in central locality, on Dadabari – Rangbari road, which is in the centre of the Kota city. The institute is about 12 Kms from Kota Railway Station and 2 Kms from Roadways new Bus Stand. All kinds of to & fro transportation facilities are available at the entrance of the institute