Our Objectives

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Functional set up

The Institute is headed by the Chief Engineer & Director General. The Institute has 14 faculty members from various disciplines connected with management of irrigated agriculture. All officers are deputed from the Water Resources Department, Agriculture Department and Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan State.

The main objectives of this Institute are:-

  • To train in-service officers, field officials and farmers in Irrigation Management and also to develop skills in planning and effecting optimum utilization of water and land resources.
  • To conduct action- research by applying all the known techniques of irrigation management.
  • To organize mechanism of technology transfer to the farmers and to undertake adaptive research.
  • To start, conduct, print, publish and exhibit in magazines, periodicals, newspapers, books, pamphlets or posters that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects of the Society.
  • To provide consultancy services in Irrigation & land management and Irrigated agriculture.
  • To provide training & up dating the knowledge of Officers, officials & Farmers in Irrigation  Water Management.
  • To improve their skills for performing the assigned tasks more efficiently.
  • To change their attitude & to prepare to adopt latest management practices in the field of Irrigation Management.
  • To provide training facilities to farmers as per their need / feedback for improved agriculture production in command areas of irrigation projects up to root level for optimum utilization of Irrigation water.
  • To conduct action & adaptive research.
  • To Publish literature for the promotion of efficient water use  practices and Water Management to achieve optimum production.
  • To assist/ advise State Govt. in matters relating to Irrigation Water Management and to motivate Participatory Irrigation Management