Our Infrastructure

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Lodging & Boarding

 The institute has two hostels to accommodate about 70 trainee officers in hostel No.1 and about 44 trainees in Hostel No.2. Each room in Hostel No.1 has an attached toilet and a balcony. Similarly each room of Hostel No.2 has an attached toilet and a sitting-cum-kitchenette with A.C. facility. There is a common mess and a sitting hall to meet the needs of both the hostels. Free boarding and lodging facility is provided to all trainees attending regular training courses in the Institute. The Institute has limited in-door & out-door sports facilities.

Demonstration Farm

Nanta farm on Kota- Jaipur road near Kota city having 3.75 ha of land is being developed to provide practical training to the trainees of the institute in the field of Agronomy, Soil science, Irrigation and agricultural Engineering. Crop demonstrations and adaptive trials are also taken at the farm. The farm is partitioned into thirteen blocks for different uses as well as different type of crop – water demonstrations. The demonstration of drip irrigation, mini-sprinkler irrigation, flood/strip irrigation & rain gun irrigation systems are installed in block no. 01-04 and a water harvesting structure constructed in block no. 05 to collect farm drained water & reuse of harvested water judiciously in crop production as well as in Orchards. The demonstration having orchards consists of Guava, lime, Aonla, Mango & Sapota fruit plants which are preferred to be irrigated through drip irrigation system. The calculated quantity of water will be applied to every field & orchard of the farm. The record would be maintained as per good quality seed production & fruit production programmes are being taken on the farm.

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Soil & Water Analysis Laboratory

The Institute has a soil testing laboratory well equipped to test physical and chemical properties of soils, assessing soil fertility, soil moisture status and other properties influencing irrigation management studies. The laboratory is imparting practical knowledge to the trainees by demonstrating at the laboratory & at Nanta farm site. Soil and water samples collected from the project area are also being analysed in the laboratory.

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Computer Centre

The computer centre of the institute became operational after its commissioning in IMTI campus at Dadabari in April’94. The Institute has a well-equipped computer center with the latest and most modern computer hardwares and softwares. About 20 computers with latest configuration have been installed at the Institute to provide regular training courses to in-service staff for use & training and 10 computers to each faculty for performing their day to day work. The participants include right from ministerial staff to the officers in the rank of Superintending Engineer With the passage of time, Computers with old configuration are replaced by new computers from time to time. The computer training programme is reviewed time to time as per the training needs & and in last 2-3 years it was found that even basics(elementary knowledge) of computer are not known to officers and staff of WRD. Therefore, more number of training is proposed for Module-I for dissemination of knowledge regarding Windows-XP/2000/Vista, MS-Word, MS- Power Point, MS Excel and Internet etc.

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The institute has a new Library building constructed under RKVY Scheme of GOI. The institute is having around 5000-7000 books, journals, periodicals, reports etc. on various topics, related with irrigated agriculture and other disciplines. The Library is being further strengthened with latest literature (technical) for which an assistance of Rs. 10.00 lacs was provided by Chief Engineer, SWRPD, Jaipur in the year 2012-13 under EU-SPP Scheme. Efforts are under process to computerize the Library of the institute, so that books journals & others can be easily available to the user.

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Residential Colony

The institute has a well developed colony within the institute’s campus to provide residential facility to the staff of the institute. The category-wise 22 furnished quarters from type-I to V are available to accommodate the faculty and staff members within the campus, whereas 12 nos. quarters which are un-covered/incomplete are yet to be completed.

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